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Drawing with pastel (8) – Squirrels in the grass!

The moment I see this photo of two baby squirrels, I know I have to draw it. There is a little problem, since I can’t seem to find the photographer to credit. But they are so cute and fluffy, one… Verder lezen →

Drawing in phases (10) – Lion!

Some reference photos have been among my files for quite a while. Looking at them, I often see all kinds of impediments… I am simply scared to fail. And, since I am the proud owner of both Polychromos colour pencils… Verder lezen →

Drawing with pastel (7) – Squirrel drinking!

The moment I come across Richard Bowler’s photo of a drinking squirrel with its reflection (*), I know I have to draw it. Mesmerizing soft colours, like a sunset. The blurry background is calling for panpastel, but the detail in… Verder lezen →

Drawing with pastel (6) – Baby barbary macaque!

Looking for a completely different challenge, I was wondering if I would be able to draw realism from a greater distance. I mean, drawing close-ups is actually easier, since all the details you can put in make it look more… Verder lezen →

Drawing in phases (9) – Another cat!

After enjoying my new pastel pencils a lot, it is time to go back to my colour pencils. There are so many things I want to try and learn from… So I take my Bristol smooth and, let’s see, I… Verder lezen →

Drawing with pastel (5) – Lynx!

My next pastel drawing is taking me more than 4 weeks… Not just because of the drawing itself, but also due to the holidays. Still experimenting with my new panpastels and pastel pencils – and I’m not sure if I… Verder lezen →

Drawing with pastel (4) – Robin!

After my otter drawing, to be honest, I was a little bit scared to start a new drawing. I really want to draw so many things, and learn so much, but where to start? And what if I fail? Then… Verder lezen →

Drawing with pastel (3) – Otter!

The second subject for a drawing with my new panpastel and pastel pencils, is certainly a challenge… And an intriguing one! I want to try a full background with panpastel, and I have found a reference photo on pixabay.com –… Verder lezen →

Drawing with pastel (2) – Owl eyes!

Whoa, I’m going to get started with my new drawing materials! Let’s see how it all works and how I like it. For this tryout, I have chosen a beautiful owl eyes reference photo from pixabay.com, by Graham-h. Challenging! First,… Verder lezen →

Drawing – in pastel (1)?!

This is it … I did it! After doubting for a long time, I decided to spend some extra money and buy some new drawing materials. Not that I had nothing to begin with 😉 … But I see so… Verder lezen →

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