For me, it is always such fun to see something come to life as you are drawing. In the beginning, there are always loads of doubts. At a certain point, usually once I start with an eye, nose or ear, there’s a ‘click’. I suddenly start ‘feeling’ this creature, and a tiny spark of hope awakes, that this might lead to something. I keep on struggling until the end, is it going to work, is it going to be worthwhile?

So, just to let you have a taste of this journey, I am sharing a few work-in-progress pics for you to enjoy – or frown upon hahaha… have fun! (It might be nice to click on the first picture of each series, and scroll through the progress…)

Today, I’m showing two totally different robins I have drawn, as Christmas cards.

The first robin is a tiny one on a stump, requested by friends, to use as a Christmas Card that year. The reference photo was made by Gill Merritt. I had to add some snow myself, since they wanted a wintery scene…

The second robin was drawn to use as my own Christmas Card. I have used the incredible reference photo courtesy of DeAnne Hope. And again, I added a little snow, for a wintery effect.

Might be continued… 😉