16 circles”. Zo heet deze optische illusie die je overal op het internet kunt vinden. Ik kende hem nog niet en was even flabbergasted. Het kan toch echt niet zo zijn, dat er 16 cirkels staan in deze afbeelding met alleen maar blokjes en strepen? Maar als je dan even goed kijkt…. zie je ze! Of niet…

“It’s called the Coffer Illusion, and it was a finalist in the 2006 Best Optical Illusion Picture of the Year contest. It was created by Anthony Norcia, formerly of the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, and it’s called the Coffer Illusion image because Coffer is an architectural term used to refer to a series of sunken panels in various shapes.

This mind trick was recently uploaded by somebody called i124nk8, and it’s been astounding and bamboozling the internet ever since. Some people can see the circles, and some people can’t.” (bron: www.boredpanda.com)